Making Fees

My pricing model is Materials + Making Fee + Shipping

Making Fees

Socks:  Ankle £10, Boot £12.50, Knee £15

Gloves:  Basic Wristers £5, Knucks £6.50, Standard Gloves £7.50, Long Wristers from £8.50, Foldbacks from £10

Hats: Basic £7.50, Clava’s £10

Neckwear: based on 6″ wide, Plain from £5, Intricate from £7.50, additional £1/£1.50 per every 4″ over 30″

Sweaters & other garments:  Individually priced by size

Baby Blankets: Individually priced by size, Basic from £15, Ornate from £25

Lucet cords: Single Colour £3 per metre

Knitted Lace Edgings: TBC

All Garment and Household Projects considered – Enquires by email


Postage details can be found at

Example: A pair of socks would be classed as a small parcel up to a kilo in weight, £4.45 Standard 1st class or £3.95 Standard 2nd class.

Courier delivery is available from £7.99

All prices accurate at the time of publishing


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