Tips for getting on top of you unfinished projects

Great Tips for dealing with those UFO’s!

At the start of the year many of you told us that your resolution was to finish off your unfinished projects – and some of you told us that you had several knitting or crochet works in progress (Wips) that you hadn’t got round to finishing yet.

So we have been collecting some top tips to help you reduce your “Wip pile”.

  1. Put a nearly finished project near the chair you have your morning cuppa in or watch TV from – and aim to knit a couple of rows every day. It will be finished before you know it.
  2. If you have one to three projects on the go, aim to finish one completely before casting anything on. Four to six, aim to finish two. More than six? Aim for three & think about all the needles, hooks & project bags you will free up.
  3. Sign up for an online…

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