Here Be Hygge

There should be more hygge in the world. My pet theory is this is where the word hug comes from

the twisted yarn

I read an interesting article on the BBC website the other day. I confess that I might have been attracted to the piece in the first place by the photo of fairisle socks, even though they’re clearly not hand-knitted:-

hygge Screenshot from the BBC News website

The article explains that people from Denmark have a concept called hygge. It’s pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, just in case your Danish is getting shamefully rusty these days. (I know, you’ve been super-busy: you’ve had no time to brush up on Scandinavian languages.) Hygge roughly translates as ‘cosiness’, and is used to describe a home environment full of warm comfort, low lighting, and contented companionship.  And it’s probably one of the reasons why Denmark is one of the happiest nations on earth. Danes emphasise hygge in a big way, wise people that they are. I’ve loved spending time in other Scandinavian countries (Norway and Finland, especially) but have never…

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