Tree of Life Baby Blanket

TOL Blanket

Inspired by the Tree of Life Baby Throw by DetroitKnitter, this blanket was intended more to be a sturdy layer between your little one and the floor than a wrap-up and snuggle blanket.

Made with a wool/acrylic blend for softness and ease of washing, the colour was the recipients choice but the fresh spring green really compliments the arboreal theme and the picot edging gives the suggestion of leaves on the edges without using a lace design which might snag on little toes or fingers.


Thanks go to Adam da Silva for his professional assistance in producing an image that does the blanket justice.


Why are they called Fingerless Gloves if they have fingers?

I have no idea, but a while back I was asked to make some and in my research came across a wonderful pattern which referred to them as Knucks and it has stuck.

Long Knucks 1c This design came into existence when my Hairy Darling came home from work one winter day and complained that he had cold bits as his gloves didn’t meet his jumper so a bit of noodling and measuring and the Long Finger Knucks came into being.  Longer fingers so only the tip is exposed and extended cuffs that can tuck inside or out of your sleeves.

This pair is made with an Alpaca/Merino blend

But I have also made with 100% wool