Game of Thrones: An amazing gift for the GoT lover in your life

I found these earrings while poking the internet, and I just had to share.

My only question is could there be cufflinks too in the future?

Artist: Linzi @ BunnyCraft
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My face gets cold!

Clava1c Clava1b Clava1a

A while ago now, after riding our trike home one autumn evening, my Hairy Darling said, “The beard is not enough, my face gets cold” so here is the solution.  It’s now gone through two winters and regular washes and still good a new.

Made in rib with a stocking stitch section so it’s less snug over the mouth,  eye slot tailored to fit over glasses, and folds up to look like an ordinary wooly hat, though HD does tweak the folds so he gets a bit of shade for his eyes.

Made from then hand dyed with black to create the marl effect.

Why have handmade Socks?

I have been asked on many occasions “Why have handmade socks?” and there are so many answers.

  • Choice:  You can have exactly what you want.
  • Comfort:  Handmade socks have an inherent cushioning effect making for happier feet.
  • Fiber Content:  My preference is for natural fibres. I firmly believe that if you want your feet to breath, to be comfortable and not be too sweaty or stinky then natural is the way to go.
  • Fit:  Mass produced socks tend to be made to fit a shoe size range and rely on the addition of elastic to make up the shortfall.  Have you ever had to pull the toes like taffy or chase the heel of you sock around your foot?
  • Wear & Tear:  If for whatever reason you wear out socks in certain places, custom crafted socks can be made with reinforcing where you need it, whether it is under the heel and ball of the foot for horseriders, extended up the heel if you have Achilles’ tendons or accommodating differences after surgery.

So, if you are tempted feel free to contact me.  Pricing is individual, but the model is Materials + Making Fee + Postage.

Basic Wristers

Basic Wrister 1a Basic Wrister 1b

“Can you make something for my Hubby to wear when he’s in his workshop so his hands don’t get cold?  He keeps borrowing my gloves and getting them mucky”

These little wristers are just enough to cover from wrist to knuckles.  No fingers and just a cap on the thumb so nothing to restrict or catch on the fingers themselves.  Made in Single Rib for a snug fit all round.

Yarn: New Lanark Mills Double Knit 100% Wool, Shades Woodland and Natural Black

Mr B’s Tailored Socks

Mr B's Socks v1
Mr B’s Socks v1
Mr B's Socks v2
Mr B’s Socks v2

After reconstructive surgery on his left foot, Mr B’s feet don’t match.  The hospital did a good job; the length is about the same, but the diameters are different.  These socks are tailored to each foot with a textural indicator for right and left.  Boot socks, knitted in Furrow Rib with reinforced heels, Heel Stitch in v1 and Partridge Stitch in v2.


Meeting the Artists at the Tecton Art Centre

Having been invited by a friend, I attended a lovely event yesterday evening at the Tecton Art Centre.

This was my first visit to this establishment and I am so glad to have found it.  The gallery is small but has fine and varied examples of crafting and art in multiple medias.  Glass, fabric, metal, yarn, wood, ceramics, paintings, sculptures, sketches and photographic prints were all represented and displayed to good effect.

The people were warm and welcoming and I apologise for not remembering many names, but I look forward to getting to know you all in the future.

Thank you all for a delightful evening.